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Sandingan, Loon, Bohol, Philippines


The newest Leisure Farm in Loon, Vita Isola Author: @dauntlesslass

Most of you are looking for a perfect getaway destination for relaxation and rejuvenation. This definitely tops the long to-do list for this summer. The first ever Leisure Farm tourist destination in Loon might be perfect for you. Vita Isola. Strategically situated in the heart of Brgy. Ubojan, Sandingan, Loon, Bohol.

Vita Isola came from the Italian word "Island Life". Often you hear Vita Isola is tagged as a "Resort", but it is more than your usual resort destinations in the area or that of a several similar resorts in Bohol. In view of the fact that Vita Isola is a leisure farm which fused everything in one place. It showcases the sustainable, peaceful, and nature-friendly vacation spot. This eco-friendly, one-hectare property offers a variety of refreshing activities namely the organic farm tour, farm animals, aquaculture tour, water activities and events. More to that is the dramatic scenery of the Leisure Farm's swimming pool and jacuzzi or the glee to experience some water sport activities such as snorkeling, stand-up paddle boarding, and kayaking plus a taste of their delectable farm-fresh cuisine.

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